Sep 2016

4th of sep - Acrobat

Acrobat is a London-based Jazz organ trio, founded in 2008 by its three members. The warmth and presence of the classic organ/guitar groups are heard alongside new textures and stylish improvising. Compelling grooves and melodic clarity invite the listener inside one of the most exciting sounds in Jazz today. The subtle, supportive interaction allows the music to grow from sparse colours and intimate dialgoues to rugged sounds with electrifying solos: an evolving and involving experience.

Pat davey - Drums
Kristian Borring - Guitar
Will Bartlett - Organ

18th of sep - NS3 trio
NS3 is a trio lead by Italian drummer Antonio Fusco with pianist Bruno Heinen and bass player Henrick Jenson, and they are releasing their debut album on BABEL in february 2017.

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